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SANDBOX: Workshops for Architecture and Urban Planning Students

Date & Time

Last event was Tuesday, August 18, 2015


On the High Line at West 30th Street

Across three weeks in August, architecture and urban design students and recent graduates are invited to explore select topics around the collective design of cities. The workshops will take place as part of The collectivity project, a participatory artwork by artist Olafur Eliasson that consists of an installation of over two tons of LEGO bricks on the High Line. For the artwork, the public is invited to use the installation as a site to build their own collective vision of their ideal future city.

As an index and engine of collectivity, the city is continuously dismantled and remade, taught and designed: an ecology where spaces and buildings arise, as a reaction between time, resources, and people. SANDBOX is a series of workshops that enact and examine contemporary urban conditions by playtesting the potential ramifications of spontaneous, antagonistic, and collaborative modes of design. Working on site at the installation, students will be tasked with inhabiting the role of the denizen-designer, and will use LEGO as a medium to enact different building and design games, testing our collective imagination of urban futures.

SANDBOX is facilitated by Dan Taeyoung and Austin Smith. Dan Taeyoung is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP, and Research Associate at the Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia GSAPP. His work operates at the intersection of architecture, technology, and community. Austin Wade Smith is the cofounder of Semi Auto Architecture, HelloEverything Design, and a Masters in Arch Candidate at MIT 16'. His work explores networked design frameworks for the participatory intervention in the built environment.

Participation is limited to 21 students for each workshop. Ages 21 +

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High Line Art presents Olafur Eliasson's The collectivity project, an installation of 2 million white LEGO® bricks that features an imaginary cityscape conceived and designed by the public. Visitors to the High Line are welcomed to play with the installation, building and rebuilding the structures over time. As the inevitable entropy of the piece begins to soften the hard edges of the designed structures, and mounds of loose pieces gather in the corners between buildings, a beautiful collective creation takes form. Installed in the growing shadow of the real estate development of Hudson Yards, the mutable, human-scale artwork provides a compelling counterpoint to the concrete-and-steel towers that form the project's backdrop.

Photo by Timothy Schenck.

The collectivity project, part of the group exhibition Panorama, is made possible, in part, by a generous donation of LEGO® bricks from the LEGO Group.

Panorama is supported, in part, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.