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WALK & TALK: City Dreams & “Epic Fails”

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Last event was Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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New York has always been a changing city, but you wouldn't believe some ideas urban planners have proposed. Join Emily Gallagher, social history educator, and Charles Chawalko, from 596 Acres, for a conversation about the New York landscapes that never happened.

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About Emily Gallagher
Emily Gallagher is a social history educator who focuses inspiring community engagement through activist history. She currently partners with Cooper Square Committee, Downtown Art and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth & works as a Senior Educator & outreach coordinator at the Tenement Museum.

About Charles Chawalko
Charles Chawalko is an urban researcher, historian, and cartographer with a careful eye on how government policies can influence the society's existence within the built environment. Lately, he has spent time developing maps for 596 Acres in Parsons' Urban Reviewer project.

Photo by Rowa Lee

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