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Jennette Mullaney
Photos by Nicole Franzen, Jason Scott courtesy of The Taco Truck, and Patricia Wancko courtesy of Sigmund’s Pretzels

If you, like us, salivate over the glossy deliciousness found in the food section of New York magazine, then you saw this week’s exciting announcement about spring eats at the High Line.

Lamb ribs, brisket sandwiches, and a delectable selection of pies are coming to the park this season—and that’s just at the SmokeLine, the latest outpost of BrisketTown’s Daniel Delaney. Beginning Friday, April 19, there will be nine food vendors on the High Line, offering tasty treats for your next al fresco breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Follow us after the jump for a quick, hunger-panic-inducing introduction to this season of High Line Food.

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