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Amelia Krales
Photo by Vadim KrisyanPhotographer Vadim Krisyan captures the High Line beautifully in black and white. A limited palate highlights Ulla von Brandenburg’s Shadowplay on view daily beginning at 4:00 PM on High Line Channel 14 located in the 14th Street Passage on the High Line.

In this age of highly saturated, full-color imagery, it is refreshing to see the timeless, muted tones of a monochrome image. The starkness of winter lends itself to shades of gray. By using black-and-white, Vadim Krisyan focuses his viewers on shape, light, and subject. Undistracted by color, the eye can take in a scene in a wholly different way. This is especially appropriate when looking at an image of von Brandenburg’s video installation, Shadowplay.

See more of Krisyan’s images of the High Line here, all poetically simplified by the use of a black-and-white lens.

View more of the beautiful work of other visitors and High Line Photographers – and share your own – in the High Line Flickr Pool.

Ashley Tickle
John Cage, installation view of One11 and 103, 1992. Photo: Austin Kennedy. Courtesy of Friends of the High Line and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York..

If you have visited the High Line this month, you may have noticed a new video projection in the semi-enclosed passageway on the High Line at West 14th Street.

The work is called One11 and 103, and it is a film-and-sound composition by John Cage – the legendary composer, writer, and artist. This year marks the 100th anniversary of his birth, and to commemorate the artist, High Line Art has partnered with Electronic Arts Intermix, the Chelsea-based nonprofit media arts center, to present his work at the High Line.

Cage’s instrumental compositions had a profound impact on post-war Western music. Follow us after the jump to learn more.

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