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Ana Nicole Rodriguez
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The High Line Shop has curated apparel, accessories, and mementos that make perfect gifts for the holiday season.


Ana Nicole Rodriguez
Photo by Bryan Hou Photo by Bryan Hou

Fall is one our favorite seasons on the High Line – golden brown leaves, frosty morning walks, and school children enjoying nature after classes have let out. The High Line Shop has new apparel inspired by this peak of natural splendor. Follow us after the jump for a first look at new tees and accessories.

Erika Harvey
EnlargePhoto of the High Line by Iwan Baan

In celebration of our new 18-month High Line Calendar, we’re exploring each month’s featured image to bring you more of the behind-the-scenes details.

Renowned architectural photographer Iwan Baan captured this iconic High Line aerial photograph around the time of the opening of the second section of the High Line in June 2011. Iwan photographs many of the most prominent architectural projects in the world, often turning his lens to subjects in New York. (You may also recognize him as the photographer behind the shocking New York magazine cover image of a half-dark cityscape following Hurricane Sandy.)

Iwan’s photo on this warm June evening encapsulates not only a moment in the High Line’s history, but a moment in New York City’s history. Below are a few of the “timestamps” visible in this photo:

Ana Nicole Rodriguez

Excited about our new capsule collection by J.Crew for the High Line, we invited a few friends—including neighbors and colleagues—to try on the tees and accessories in the park that inspired them. 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this J.Crew collection support Friends of the High Line, helping us keep the High Line beautiful and inspiring for millions of visitors.

Shop the High Line and J.Crew Garments for Good collection here.

Photo by Liz Ligon

High Line supporter Stefan Gargiulo and his two daughters came over to beat the heat in the water feature on the High Line's Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck. Stefan is dressed in the classic men’s vintage train tee and his sweet daughters look adorable in the kid’s watercolor map tee and the kid's Curious Garden tee, illustrated by the acclaimed children’s author, Peter Brown.

Jennette Mullaney
Johnny, our Manager of Horticulture, demonstrates proper penmanship for his son Ansel using our HL Logo Notebook + Pen Set. “Awwwwwww,” said everyone in the High Line office.

For Father’s Day, we invited a few of the dads at Friends of the High Line to test out our bestselling High Line merchandise—and the photographs have melted the hearts of everyone in the office. You can find these items at the High Line Shop at 16th Street or in our web shop, but for online purchases please order by Sunday, June 9, to receive your items by Father’s Day.

Prepare yourselves, because these photos are very adorable.

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