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Jennette Mullaney
Photo by Timothy SchenckA view of the Interim Walkway, at the park's northernmost point. Photo by Timothy Schenck

After years of advocacy work, design, and construction, the park's northernmost section – the High Line at the Rail Yards – is finally opening on Sunday, September 21. In celebration, we're hosting a week of special programs for visitors of all ages. You're invited to participate in a morning wellness class, stop by for a lunchtime concert, let the kids play with cool new design features, and so much more.

In addition to special, Opening Week–only events, we've included regular events that occur during this time frame. The description will indicate whether the program is ongoing.

Erika Harvey
The first snowfall of the year was an opportunity to take some great photos of the High Line. Photo by Joan Garvin

The first winter storm arrived in New York City on Saturday, blanketing the High Line with a light coating of snow. Our maintenance and operations staff arrived before dawn to begin clearing the pathways, making the park safe for visitors to enjoy the High Line’s winter landscape.

Auzelle Epeneter
pipeA play structure designed by kids using "Imagination Playground in a box." Photo by Talisman Photo.

If you have kids, you know creativity, active playing, and free thinking are all crucial elements for developing minds. Imagination Playground, built on this idea, will be on the High Line this Saturday. It's a great chance for kids to play in a whole new way!

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