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Kat Widing
Arty HoursAt Arty Hours, held Saturday mornings, kids are encouraged to think creatively about the artistic process in relation to the art on view at the High Line. Photo by Elena Bernstein

Ever dream of memorializing yourself as a sculpture in a public park? These lucky kids transformed dreams into reality on July 15 by creating personalized monuments as part of Arty Hours on the High Line. In this innovative weekly program, kids create their very own masterpieces in response to different sculptures in the group exhibition Busted, currently on view. Inspired by Frank Benson’s Human Statue (Jessie), kids were encouraged to create a sculpted self-portrait as a monument using clay-like materials. Benson’s bronze statue is a life-size sculpture of a standing female dancer dressed in haute couture, with her arms gently open in an oval shape and a shield-like disc resting at her feet.

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