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Jennette Mullaney
Photo by Steven SeveringhausVisitors take in the moon while sitting on the Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover, the elevated walkway on the High Line between West 25th and West 27th Streets. If you'd like to observe the heavens through high-powered telescopes, join us for stargazing with the Amateur Astronomers Association. This free event is held in the park each Tuesday evening, weather permitting, from April through October. Photo by Steven Severinghaus

The High Line is an urban oasis, with an emphasis on "urban" – even amid the park's tallest trees, one is still very much aware of the city. Once night falls this impression is even greater, as flowers and branches fade into shadow and the lights of New York City shine brightly in the evening sky.

It is thanks to the High Line's innovative lighting system that the evening cityscape is visible from the park. Designed by Hervé Descottes of L’Observatoire International, the energy-efficient LED lighting is installed no higher than waist-level so that pathways are illuminated without creating overhead glare.

L’Observatoire's International was recently named the jury winner of the Architizer A+ Award in the Architecture + Light category for its work on the High Line. In honor of this achievement, we're presenting a collection of images that capture the magic of this innovative design, and have asked Descottes to share his thoughts on them.

Erika Harvey
EnlargeIn this photo from 2011, two visitors are perfectly outlined by the High Line’s illuminated frame at West 26th Street. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Extended spring hours mean more time to experience after-dark hours on the High Line. With the park now open until 10:00 PM – and temperatures in a much more friendly range – visitors can enjoy the light show that makes the “city that never sleeps” so enchanting.

The High Line’s position on Manhattan’s far west side makes it the perfect place to watch the evening’s slow transition from day to night. Bright skies warm to darker orange and red hues as the sun dips below New Jersey’s skyline across the Hudson River. The best seats in the house can be found on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck, on the High Line between West 14th and West 15th Streets, and at West 18th Street. Cross streets, like this gorgeous view of West 26th Street captured by photographer Timothy Schenck, also offer a unique opportunity to see the park silhouetted against the colorful evening sky.

Amelia Krales
Photo by Christine Wehrmeier On a beautiful – but no doubt chilly – winter night last year photographer Christine Wehrmeier captured the elegance of different light sources against the deep blue of the night sky.

The sun is setting early these days, making most of us want to curl up and hibernate, but rest assured that there are still great reasons to brave the elements and head outside. In addition to being a magical time to be out and about in New York City, the High Line offers its own seasonal after-dark light show, which can be especially impressive during the winter months when the vegetation is less abundant. In this image taken by photographer Christine Wehrmeier, the majesty of the Empire State Building is enhanced by its blue lights framed by the soft lights of the park's railings and planting beds in the lower half of the frame. The few illuminated windows in the neighboring building are storytelling elements as well.

SEE MORE of Christine's winter High Line photos.

Bundle up and stroll the High Line this month; our winter hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Plan your next visit.

Amelia Krales
Photo of the WeekHigh Line benches offer a relaxing way to unwind after a hot summer day. Photo by Jake Marsiglia

Summer means long, hot (or rainy, as it seems recently) days and longer evening hours on the High Line. This throwback image by photographer Jake Marsiglia captures the essence of a summer night on the High Line: a visitor takes in the New York City night sky while enjoying the cool breeze that sweeps over the park after the sun sets.

The High Line is open daily until 11:00 PM all summer, so stop by after a hot day for a stroll or to enjoy one of the many events we offer during the evenings. One of our favorite summer activities is gazing at the constellations through high-powered telescopes during Tuesday night Stargazing. Weekly through October, the Amateur Astronomers Association provides High Line visitors a chance to look through powerful telescopes to view stars and planets not always visible to the naked eye.

Learn more about our weekly Stargazing program.

Erika Harvey
joan garvin

With more than 1,500 contributors, the High Line Flickr Pool gathers some of the best photographs of the park. The images are displayed in a rotating gallery on our Web site, giving High Line fans from afar, or those stuck in the office, a great way to keep track of park life. On the blog, we like to recognize the talented photographers who share their unique perspectives of the park.

Night on the High LineImage Courtesy of Katie Sokoler.

Katie Sokoler over at Gothamist took some amazing night shots of the High Line a few weeks ago. Though the Line makes for a great stroll or hangout during the day, it becomes an altogether different experience by night. For those of you who haven't checked it out after dark yet, these pictures are worth a look.

Also be sure to check out the ever-evolving, ever-amazing High Line flickr pool to see more photos and to add your own.

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