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Jennette Mullaney
High Line Merchandise CartThe High Line’s commitment to innovative design and sustainability is reflected in each of our items. Photo by Sari Goodfriend

Now you can get those cool magnets you’ve been eyeing without having to spring for shipping. Boasting an array of new items, the High Line Shop Carts will reopen Tuesday, April 16th, at West 16th Street. We’ve extended our hours, so you can browse our postcards, tee-shirts, and other distinctive merchandise six days a week—Tuesday through Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

EnlargePaula Scher High Line Map PosterPaula Scher High Line Map Poster

Your purchase directly supports the maintenance and operation of the High Line, so each time you carry your DVF High Line Logo Tote or wear your Logo Tee, you’ll look awesome and altruistic. Adore the Paula Scher High Line Map Poster but lack the extra room in your suitcase to carry it home? Never fear—we are now able to ship your cart purchase to any domestic or international address.

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