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Erika Harvey
The Teen Picks Film Committee brought together a group of local teens who conceived of and planned a three-screening film series from start to finish. Photo by Daniella Zalcman

This special blog post comes to you from Luz Delma Adon, Raquel Rosado, Liza Rosado, and Juwan Stone, who, with Hahillah Ahmed, Brian Bass, Gabrielle (Gabby) Bruno, Carla Hernández, Winona Holderbaum, and Javier Montero served as members of the High Line Teen Film Committee. Together, these local teens worked with staff at Friends of the High Line to curate and produce a free summer film series, called High Line Teen Picks, which took place over the course of three weeks in August, thanks in part to support from AT&T.

Over the course of this project, we were asked many times, “Why did you choose these movies for the film series?”

The High Line itself is a reinvention, built by people who didn’t give up. Teen Picks consisted of different types of movies – a romance, an action flick, and a drama – but even though they differ from one another, each one relates to the High Line. Each movie features underdog characters who never give up on their beliefs and dreams, and that is what the High Line is all about. The High Line was going to be knocked down, but since people believed in it and wanted to make something of it, they fought for it, and today it remains standing.

When we set out to curate Teen Picks, our first task was to select three movies that fit our theme. We started with a selection of 20 movies, but we had to narrow it down. After three months of reviewing the films, we got the list down to the final four: Step Up, The Notebook, Real Steel, and Freedom Writers.

Four movies for only three film screenings. Weird right?

Erika Harvey
High Line Teen Picks main image

We surveyed community members living near the High Line last year, and many teens expressed interest in attending film screenings at the park. So this year, we’ve recruited local teens to help us curate and coordinate an entire series of free summer movies.

The series is called High Line Teen Picks, and it begins on Thursday, August 2 with an audience choice. Follow us after the jump to help us decide which movie – Step Up or The Notebook – should kick off the series.

Kate Lindquist

Designers, architects, engineers, and planning nerds like us will appreciate A.O. Scott’s review of Gary Hustwit’s new film, Urbanized in today’s New York Times.

“Like a really good class taught by a team of enthusiastic professors, Urbanized supplies grist for many late-night arguments or solitary ruminations. It is worth venturing out of your room, climbing on your bike or boarding a low-emissions bus and fighting your way through a crowd to see.”


Maybe the air thirty feet up does something to people, but the High Line seems to have been attracting some serious love lately. We received word of another proposal on the High Line a few weeks back, when a San Franciscan named Alex came to New York to propose to his girlfriend Priya. No need to worry, those petals were not picked off the High Line. Congratulations to Alex and Priya!

[More hopeless romanticism after the break.]

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