Play With Your Food

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Ana Nicole Rodriguez
Photo by Rowa Lee David Carrell, co-founder of People's Pops, teaches children how to freeze their own pops using a rare pop-making instrument from Thailand. Photo by Rowa Lee

Good friends Nathalie Jordi, Joel Horowitz, and David Carrell founded People’s Pops with the idea that every good popsicle is made with local, seasonal fruit, minimal sugar, and creative flavors. Taking inspiration from unique teas, cocktails, and world travels, People’s Pops was born. These delicious pops are especially popular among kids, which is why our annual Play With Your Food events welcome many giddy kids eager to make and eat pops of their own.

Erika Harvey
This past Wednesday, for our first session of Play With Your Food, High Line Food vendor People’s Pops joined us to make fresh lemon shaved ice with kids. Photo by Rowa Lee
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