Intended and Unintended Consequences

I made a brief visit to the construction site on Saturday. The design is really starting to take shape. We are just entering that wonderful moment in a construction process when there are enough pieces in place that you can see how they all come together; and yet, like one of those biological learning tools, the guts haven't been covered up, and all the pieces are still visible.

Here's the electrical conduit running underneath the planking system.


One of the features designed into our erector-set-like planking system is that it is elevated of the surface of the structural slab on concrete piers, so that the conduit and other systems (irrigation, drinking water) can run freely as necessary in the open space underneath.

And now for the unintended consequence.


It was a wet and very windy day on the line, and you can see how the planks are darker at one end than at the other, due to moisture collecting at the north end of each the planks. It seems that, due to open joints and airflow around the planks, the ends on the upwind face of the planks dry out faster than those on the downwind face. The result is this incredibly beautiful, subtle pattern on the surface. While we have always been interested in seeing the scale of the individual planks and revealing the modular design of the system, I don't think we ever expected that it would reveal itself in this particular way.

Lucky us.

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