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The third section of the High Line, from 30th to 34th Streets, will be closed to park visitors from Tuesday, February 9, to Tuesday, February 23, due to an ongoing construction project. The High Line south of 30th Street will be accessible to visitors during this time.

Pat Benatar Rocks the Line

In what is an eerily near-perfect re-telling of my own coming-to-New York story, Pat Benatar's Love Is A Battlefield video tells the story of a runaway from small-town America, who, against all odds, fights her way through the grime-ridden dive bars of New York's oily, leather-clad underbelly, to end up dancing in the streets (where else?) under the High Line!

In the final scenes of the video, Our Lady of Rock and her gang of lycra-clad she-beasts tear up West 33rd Street as the sun sets on the High Line behind them.

Please take 5 minutes and 17 seconds out of your day to marvel at the awesomeness that is Pat Benatar:

Watch the video here

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