Action-Packed Construction Update

Section 1 is very busy right now as the team prepares for a delivery of soil in a few weeks. I went up this morning to take stock of all the action happening on the Line right now. Here are some highlights. Click all photos to enlarge.

Tracks are being re-installed in their original locations, after being marked and stored on the Line during earlier phases of construction. Track installation is almost complete up to Little West 12th Street. Later, the areas underneath the tracks will be filled with soil, and plantings will grow up around them.

Tons more fun after the jump.

Many of the track installations also include new wooden railroad ties. The planking for the pathway has been completed on much of Section 1 now. You can see the curbed edge of the straightaway, the combed edges that will merge into the plantings, and the concrete parts of the benches, which will later be filled in with wood.

The planking, moving north from Gansevoort Street, has now reached through the Chelsea Market space. Each plank must be levelled by hand, spaced with thin squares of vinyl, and set into place.

The Grasshopper, a sort of reverse-wheelbarrow, is used to set the 12-foot-long planks into place.
A worker uses the Grasshopper to situate a tapered plank at 16th Street.

Working in the space beneath the planking-- this is where the park's electrical and drainage conduits live.

We were very lucky to see these workers lowering fragments of one of the High Line's massive I-beams, which had been cut away to make room for a staircase as part of the 14th Street access point.

The I-beam, cut into several pieces, is lowered with a crane through a cut in the High Line onto the back of a flatbed truck. We're saving this steel for some undetermined future use.
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