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The third section of the High Line, from 30th to 34th Streets, will be closed to park visitors from Tuesday, February 9, to Tuesday, February 23, due to an ongoing construction project. The High Line between 30th and Gansevoort Streets will remain accessible to visitors during this time.

A High Line Runs Through It


A new addition to what's being called the "High Line building" at 450 West 14th Street-- designed by Morris Adjmi and developed by Charles Blaichman-- is one of just a handful of new buildings in the Meatpacking District designed specifically for office space, signaling a new (but certainly not the last) chapter in the High Line's storied life.

As reported in Greenbuildings NYC, the building will seek LEED certification-- the level of which is still unknown.

The redevelopment of the former Cudahy Cold Storage Facility building was the subject of a recent New York Times article by Stacey Stowe.

The new glass addition will sit atop the brick-and-stone, Art-deco facade of the former factory. In its first iteration, the building was completed in 1932 by the same engineers who built the High Line, from the New York Central Railroad. The first of four buildings to accomodate the elevated tracks, it was part of the West Side Improvement Project, created to facilitate the movement of refrigerated meats and other goods along the industrial West Side while lifting trains above street level to eliminate dangerous conditions.

450 w. 14th A photograph of the building before the High Line
went through it, around 1932
And here's the building after the High Line was built
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