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Going Green: Only the Finest in Tap Water

healthy water Tasty, healthy, and energy-efficient: Katie
and our new water-filter cooler

A while back, we got to thinking that our office operations should reflect the values inherent in the High Line itself, as well as our own staff's personal commitment to environmental conservation. Recently, two larger non-profits built themselves new LEED certified offices (NYC Audubon Society and the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment). We got jealous.

Although we don't have the budget to completely renovate our offices and become LEED certified, we want to make changes over time to become a greener office. There are lots of things that offices can do to make a difference without a complete renovation- be it through energy conservation, employee productivity and wellness, waste reduction, transportation, and in many other areas. We also though it would be interesting to research ways to go green that wouldn't be exceedingly expensive- and keep track of what decision we make, and why.

Here's one great thing we just got installed that actually SAVES us money: a water filter-cooler by Pure Water Technology. It hooks directly into our building's water supply, filters the water, and chills and heats it. We used to have a bottled water cooler, which (like buying personal bottles of water) wastes money and energy, considering how clean and energy efficient our tap water system is here in NYC (see the Earth Policy Institute's research on the bottled water economy). Employee health and wellness is another important component of having a green office, and lots of bacteria and other yucky things can grow in bottle water coolers.

A green solution that's cheap, healthy, and tastes good? Problem solved. But it can't all be this easy- stay tuned for more adventures in Friends of the High Line's green transformation.

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