"Making it Happen" in the "Starchitect District"


Metropolismag.com has published an interesting article on a remarkable pair of architect/developers, Della Valle + Bernheimer (DB). Led by the duo of Jared Della Valle and Andrew Bernheimer, they have begun to make their mark on the Chelsea neighborhood by "combining design excellence with the terrors and pleasures of real estate development." DB are responsible for two of the more prominent buildings currently visible from the High Line, 459 West 18th Street and 245 Tenth Avenue, the latter of which can be seen flanking Section 2 of the High Line, still under construction.

The article describes the area around the High Line as a "starchitect" district because of the presence of projects by famed architects Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel, among many others. Regardless of the popularity and increasing presence of such "starchitect" buildings and other more prominent DB projects in the area, the most popular Della Valle Bernheimer work among the Friends of the High Line staff remains the superbly designed Friends of the High Line offices, where the staff spends its time making the High Line happen.

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