A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody

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Michelle Sharkey

Today's blog post was guest written by one of our new Greeters, Claudia Berger.
Today I was on the High Line for its first morning in operation. I was very impressed by how determined people were to see it– not even the rain could stop them. Visitors braved the rain, but none of them felt it wasn't worth it. The morning attracted not only die-hard fans of the High Line, but some curious opponents. However, even in the rain, they could not help but enjoy it. One visitor told me she was determined to hate the High Line, but spent her time up there in awe. She loved it, rain and all.


The High Line, though it hasn't yet been open a full day, is already a part of many people's everyday routine. Parents told us that they were now going to include the Line on their children's route to school, or on their list of places for them to play. Many adults also walked the Line on their way to work. The reasons are obvious, and it is not just because you don't have to wait for lights to change. After today's visitors' first trip up, they already want to come up again.