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High Line Renegade Cabaret!


Like any respectable New York City park, the High Line has attracted its fair share of recurring characters (anyone have any video of Boba Fett playing video game songs on his accordion?), but none have been quite as popular as the "Renegade Cabaret" that has emerged from an apartment building adjacent to the Line at 20th Street. Patty (the emcee) and Elizabeth (the singer) have begun "exploiting the captive audience" on the High Line, treating the late night guests at the northern end of section 1 to some good old fashioned sing-song.

More images and video after the break.

Check out the High Line Renegade Cabaret group on Facebook for updates on showtimes: as they say, "When the Party Patio lights are on, something is going to happen." Be sure to check out the High Line on Facebook as well.

Here are some videos; if anyone has any better pictures or videos, please share!

Elizabeth Soychak - "Behave"

Elizabeth Soychak - "April in Paris"

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