Save the Embankment!

harsimus stem embankment The Harsimus Stem Embankment, Jersey City. Photos by Robert Hammond

On Sunday, Co-Founder Robert Hammond headed over to Jersey City for the Embankment Preservation Coalition's annual members and supporters meeting. He reports back on the High Line's sister project, which is just getting, well, off the ground:

"I was blown away immediately upon spotting the half-mile structure that once carried freight for the Pennsylvania Railroad.  The Embankment holds an untouched beauty, and really reminded me of the feelings I had years ago in the early days of the High Line. It's a quick PATH ride from the High Line to Jersey City, and it's another amazing opportunity for a great linear public space.  The Coalition project really needs support right now, so I urge you to check out their Web site to find out more and see what you can do.

embankment Photo from the Embankment's Web site, showing the view.

"The Embankment is six acres of space broken into six segments which were originally connected by metal bridges and are now separated by city streets. It runs west to east through a residential neighborhood, and ends overlooking the river, practically right across from the High Line. While the Embankment is much wider than the High Line, measuring 100 feet across, and considerably lower to the ground, the landscape is reminiscent of the High Line's original wilderness. When I went the fall colors were spectacular – it was an easy sell."

[After the break, more photos, and info on the future plans for the Embankment.]

"The Embankment Preservation Coalition is aiming to preserve this beautiful stone structure as a walkable, bikeable greenway. Officially called the Harsimus Stem Embankment, it has been sold by Conrail, the railroad company, for 7 million dollars to a developer that intends to rip it down and build residential development.  The City of Jersey City and the Coalition is suing Conrail in order to preserve the Embankment for public use.

"I took these pictures to give people a better sense of the space. Remember that everything the High Line is and has provided for its community would not exist if it wasn't for early grassroots support. Please visit the Embankment Preservation Coalition's web site to find out more and support the preservation of the Embankment."

embankment The Embankment wall from street level.

embankment Close up of Embankment stonework.

embankment Fall leaves adorn the Embankment walls

google map Google Earth shot of Embankment. Highlighted in red. The red spot south
of the Embankment marks the Grove PATH Station.

google map Google Earth close-up. The structure extends 6 blocks long from West to East.
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