Plant Flags

flags Plant flags in the Gansevoort Woodland. Photo by Auzelle Epeneter.

If you've visited the High Line recently, you've probably noticed planting areas marked with red and blue flags.  We've been getting a lot of questions about them.  Their purpose is simple – not for marking pesticides; not for quarantine; not for targeting removal – we're doing an inventory.

Since the High Line's opening, the layout of the vegetation has evolved.  Some of the plants have  spread, some have given way to others, and in some cases, completely new species and varieties have been added.  It will be helpful to have a record of the existing plants, so we're creating it by hand.

The flags make the process infinitely easier.  Last week, I helped record the Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pensylvanica) – pictured above – and we counted over 200 plants in just a single bed!

flags High Line gardener Andi Lawton counting plants in the Gansevoort Woodland.
Photo by Auzelle Epeneter.
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