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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Where Have All the Trailers Gone?

In addition to all the shoveling the High Line staff did to keep the park open this weekend, our temporary Maintenance & Operations facility has been moved down to the southern entrance of the High Line, at street level. In order to get ready for the joining of Section 1 to Section 2 (still under construction) the M&O trailers (where our gardeners, maintenance workers, and Rangers house equipment and offices) were moved 10 blocks south, just west of the Gansevoort Stairway.

trailer M&O container being lifted off of the 20th Street location and moved to ground level
at Gansevoort & Washington Streets. Photo by Jenny Staley.

The trailers and containers were crane-lifted off the High Line and loaded onto flatbed trucks that transported everything to their new southern location, where they will rest until construction for the new Whitney Museum begins at Gansevoort and Washington Street, adjacent to the High Line.

trailer Container being set down into its new location just west of the Gansevoort Entrance.
Photo by Jenny Staley.

Currently, there are two gates at 20th Street (old and new chain-link) where they have started construction linking Sections 1 and 2. Autumn on the Hudson Valley with Branches, the piece by Valerie Hegarty that was installed onto the black fence, has been moved to the chain-link in preparation for removal of the old gate (see below).

trailer A new chain-link gate was installed at 20th Street in preparation for construction.
trailer There they are! The new home for Maintenance & Operations.
trailer Safely installed next to the wintry High Line.
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