The High Line Digs Out

pipe Gardener Johnny Linville clears a path through the Chelsea Grasslands.

Come see the High Line in its stylish white coat! After the snow stopped falling early this morning, our Maintenance and Operations team spent several hours using snow blowers, shovels and an eco-friendly de-icer to clear the High Line's paths and stairways. The park is now open south of 16th Street, and we expect a complete opening very soon. UPDATE: The entire park is now open!

pipe Gardener Andi Lawton and Director of Horticulture & Park Operations Melissa Fisher work to break up ice on the High Line's Sundeck.

The snow on the High Line usually sticks around quite a bit longer than snow on the streets, where plowing and chemical de-icers quickly transform it into that delightful brown slush we all know so well. With temperatures projected to hover right around freezing for several days, the High Line's winter wonderland should be in place through the weekend.

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