Snow People Take Over the High Line

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Auzelle Epeneter
pipeOne of the snowmen built on the High Line over the weekend. This guy greeted visitors at the 10th Avenue Square.

This past weekend, the High Line was inundated with a peaceful army of snow people. Park visitors took advantage of the record snowfall and a created snowmen and ladies in wide range of size, shape, and personality--it was quite a sight to see!

With the sunny spell we've had this week, many of the snow people have since melted, but you can check out a few of our favorites below.

pipeA row of snow people hanging out near The Standard.
pipeCloseup of the center creation. The yellow witch hazel blooms added a lovely backdrop.
pipePark visitors building the snowman pictured above in the 10th Avenue Square.
pipeA square-shaped sunbather on the Diller-von Furstenberg Sundeck.
pipeA tiny trio, also built in the 10th Avenue Square.
pipeSitting on a bench in the Gansevoort Woodland, dressed for Christmas.
pipeA gentlemanly snowman wearing a very elegant buttoned coat.
pipe...And his lady-friend. Perhaps inspired by The New Yorker article this summer?
pipeSnowius Maximus.
pipeA freckly snowkid with a bit of a cowlick.
pipeOne of my favorites--the glamorous west coast visitor.