2010 ENYA Awards: Reinventing the High Bridge

EnlargeENYA 2010 Winning Entry.

The Emerging New York Architects Committee(ENYA) with AIA New York recently announced the winners of its 4th international competition for High Bridge: Bronx, Building Cultural Infrastructure. The ideas competition was intended to explore urban opportunities and draw awareness to restoring and reopening the historic High Bridge.

ENYA biennial competition challenges designers to explore how disused structures can be reconfigured into vibrant urban centers. Over 170 teams and individuals from all over the world submitted design concepts for New York's High Bridge.

EnlargeThe High Bridge, built in 1848.

FHL Co-FounderJoshua David was selected to be a part of the 7-person jury comprised of architects, artists, planners, and the 2008 winner of ENYA. The decision was announced at AIA's Center for Architecture on February 6, 2010.

The winning team, Keith VanDerSys, Marguerite Graham, Marisa Bernstein & Young-Joon Choi of Philadelphia (see first image above) proposed the concept of the Ripple Effect. The idea promotes a series of tear-drop shaped clusters called "infra-blooms" that provide community space in the landscape surrounding the bridge's access point, and also collect, filter, and channel rainwater back to the aqueduct, where it eventually rains down from the steel span into the Harlem River.

As an ideas competition, the submitted designs are merely proposals to gain familiarity with the repurposed structure; similar to the Ideas Competition FHL launched in 2003, which solicited innovative concepts for the High Line's reuse.

EnlargeENYA's Second Place Winners.

ENYA's 2010 winning entries will be shown at the Center for Architecture this fall, furthering awareness and innovation to re-purposed infrastructure projects across the country. The winners include a first, second, and third place, plus and a student prize and honorable mentions. Please visit the ENYA Competitions web site to view the complete list winning entries.

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