Curator Lauren Ross in The Art Newspaper

pipe High Line Curator Lauren Ross with Valerie Hegarty'sAutumn on the Hudson Valley with Branches, on view right now near the park's 20th Street Entrance.

Judith H. Dobrzynski of The Art Newspaper recently published an article on the High Line's own Lauren Ross, pointing out that "if exhibition attendance were the sole measure of curatorial clout," she "would rank almost as high as the chief curator of MoMA."

Dobrzynski discusses the High Line's recent and upcomingpublic art projects, Ross' process for selecting works for the park, and the importance of each artist's response to the High Line's uniqueness. "It’s not a museum or gallery," the article quotes her, "It’s not even like any other park...the pieces have to respond in some way to that uniqueness."

Taking the High Line: the art park that rivals MoMA [The Art Newspaper]

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