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The third section of the High Line, from 30th to 34th Streets, will be closed to park visitors from Tuesday, February 9, to Tuesday, February 23, due to an ongoing construction project. The High Line between 30th and Gansevoort Streets will remain accessible to visitors during this time.

HOMU and the High Line

EnlargeThe Homeless Museum

Both the Whitney Museum and Dia will be erecting major new buildings in the High Line neighborhood in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, New Yorkers can visit The Homeless Museum (or HOMU for short), which has been setting up shop across from the 20th St. entrance to the High Line on weekends, attracting lots of curious visitors and fans.

This conceptual, roving art project is the creation of Belgian artist Filip Noterdaeme, who doubles as the "museum's" director. Founded in 2002, HOMU is lots of things, but not so easy to define. Part parody, part institutional critique, and lots of fun. As the artist states, "I'm doing this because I can — Je m’amuse! HOMU is not an anti-museum, nor for that matter, an alternative museum, but more of a deviant museum. In the land of no alternatives, deviance is divine."

The best way to understand it is to visit for yourself! Stop by and say hello to Filip and his Director of Public Relations, Florence Coyote (she's the stuffed dog). They will be out this Saturday, June 12 from 2 to 6 pm, and in fact, is most Saturdays if the weather is good. Check his website for a schedule to be sure.

HOMU with dog
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