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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Two Recent Awards for the High Line

EnlargeNorthern Spur Preserve

The High Line project is unique in so many ways. Not only is it an elevated promenade, an original 1930s structure, and a veritable planting oasis, making the park one-of-a-kind, the High Line racks up awards in various categories. On June 2 and June 7, the High Line project received two separate awards, in two separate cities, for two separate reasons. The first award was presented to us and the design team in London at the D&DA 2010 Awards for Environmental Design / Public Space & Community. The second award was presented in the neighboring Greenwich Village at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP), for an "ingenious adaptation of an old rail line slated for demolition into new green space that has enthralled the city with its contextual architecture and indigenous gardens."

EnlargeWashington Grasslands

While one award comes from the design-side of the High Line project, the other comes from the preservation side, both equally compelling and important. The High Line is a place know for its sleek design elements (found in our peal-up benches, tapered planking, and features such as the soon-to-come water feature), it is also know for its preservation and history as a once elevated freight structure that was re-built and transformed to be re-used.

Thank you to both the D&DA and GVSHP for your prestigious awards! The High Line wears many hats and is a proud member of each community.

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