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Park Update: Crews have cleared the High Line's paths, and the park is open to the public between Gansevoort and 30th Streets. We are working to open the remainder of the park as soon as possible. Please check back or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter for updates.

Celebrate Bastille Day with a 'Millabout' on the High Line

pipe The fabulous Milliner's Guide on the High Line for Bastille Day in 2009. Photo by Joan Garvin

There are plenty of opportunities for people-watching on the High Line, and this Wednesday evening will be no exception. In celebration of Bastille Day, members of the Milliner's Guild plan to repeat their year-old tradition of strolling the High Line while donning their finest hats.

We're not sure what the connection is between hats and Bastille Day, but does it matter? Their fabulous array of hand-crafted hats are beautiful and inspiring, and the hat parade is sure to include an intriguing exhibition of fine bonnets, bowlers, sombreros, and fedoras.

Following their 'millabout' on the High Line, the Guild will bestow their Chapeau Formidable Award to the owner of the evening's best hat. From what we saw last year, there will be quite a few contenders! We can't wait to see what marvelous creations will turn up.

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