Section 2: The Viewing Spur Takes Shape

pipe The Viewing Spur's painted steel frame has arrived. Next, crews will install the glass guardrail, viewing platform, and wood benches.

If you are walking near 10th Avenue and West 26th Street, look up and you will notice a new addition to the High Line. The Viewing Spur is starting to take shape.

Late last night, a giant mobile crane hoisted the 11-by-22-foot steel onto the line, where crews were waiting to secure it into place. The Viewing Spur now hovers above the historic rail on the east side of the High Line at West 26th Street, giving us a hint of what will soon be one of Section 2’s most dynamic design features.

The Viewing Spur is meant to recall the billboards that were once attached to the High Line. When Section 2 opens next spring, the frame will enhance views of the High Line and the city, instead of blocking views as the billboards once did.


The Viewing Spur’s frame will be surrounded by understory trees, such as Flameleaf sumacs (Rhus copallina), sassafras (Sassafras albidum), and Greenbay magnolias (Magnolia virginiana ‘Greenbay’). Behind the frame, a platform with wood benches will invite High Line visitors to sit and enjoy views of the surrounding neighborhood. Meanwhile, passers-by on the street will look up and see people framed in the Viewing Spur instead of advertisements.

We think it will be one of the best places for people watching on the High Line.

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