Digging Out after Yet Another Snowstorm

Another overnight snow storm brought another round of early morning snow removal on the High Line.

It was just last Friday that our Maintenance & Operations staff arrived before dawn to clear the High Line’s paths in time for visitors to enjoy the fresh snowfall. Today was no different. The crew arrived at 5:00 AM this morning to begin the job.

Preparing an elevated park like the High Line to open after heavy snowfall is an all hands on deck situation. Working in teams, the Maintenance & Operations staff start by creating a primary path with a snow blower, then follow up by pushing a snow broom to clear the path entirely. Once a primary path is in place, crews use hand shovels to widen it and clear gathering spaces, like the 10th Avenue Square and the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck. Meanwhile, other staff use hand shovels to clear snow from the stairs and elevator.

Depending on the amount of snow and ice, the entire job can take hours. Today, the Maintenance & Operations staff was able to open the High Line by 10:00 AM, just in time for us to start preparing for the first-ever High Line Snow Sculpt-Off later today.

Thank you to all the park staff who worked so hard to open the High Line this morning.

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