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The third section of the High Line, from 30th to 34th Streets, will be closed to park visitors from Tuesday, February 9, to Tuesday, February 23, due to an ongoing construction project. The High Line between 30th and Gansevoort Streets will remain accessible to visitors during this time.

High Line Green-Up: Preparing the Planting Beds for Spring


High Line Green-Up takes place once a year at the start of the growing season. This year, more than 100 volunteers from the greater High Line community dedicated their time and energy to help our gardeners complete this tremendous task. High Line Green-Up began on March 1, and thanks to their hard work and dedication, we completed the job in just under a month.

Follow us after the jump for video, photos, and more.


In keeping with the vision of Piet Oudolf, planting designer for the High Line, plants are left in their natural state throughout the winter, rather than trimmed back at the onset of the cold weather. When spring arrives, our gardeners cut back last season’s plants to make room for new growth.

With more than 210 species of plants on the High Line, cutting back the previous growing season’s perennials and grasses is a lot of work.


Watch a video of the High Line Green-Up volunteers and High Line gardeners in action, or view more photos of High Line Green-Up on our Flickr pool.

The crews finished the job just in time to welcome the early spring blooms. Crocus, daffodils, witch hazel – some of the first signs of spring are popping up all along the High Line. Share your photos with us by sending them to info@thehighline.org, or by posting them to our Flickr pool.


High Line Green-Up is supported by REI.

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