New Public Art On View at the High Line

juliet Photo by Iwan Baan

If you have walked the High Line recently, chances are you have seen (and heard) some interesting new public art installations. There are new works commissioned by Friends of the High Line for High Line Art, as well as a number of installations that are independent of our program. Here are a few of our favorites.


Our park storage containers needed a new home when the new section of the park opened in June, so we moved them to the High Line at the Rail Yards. To kick off our fall season of public art programming, we commissioned Charles Mary Kubricht to give the containers a makeover by covering them with dazzle camouflage as part of her new work, Alive-nesses: Proposal for Adaptation. Dazzle camouflage is a disruptive pattern that was painted on military vessels during World War 1 to confuse the enemy. The pattern disguised the ships and complicated the tracking of their movement. Alive-nesses: Proposal for Adaptation made its debut on Saturday, September 23.

Check back soon for a time-lapse video of the installation.


Commissioned by Pace Gallery, David Byrne recently debuted Tight Spot, a giant inflated globe below the High Line at West 25th Street. Deep within the globe, the artist has installed a speaker system that emits rumbling sounds made by Byrne himself. These sounds float up to the High Line, adding a surprising element to a walk through the new section of the park. Tight Spot will remain on view until Saturday, October 1.

Learn more from New York Magazine.


Back on the High Line, visitors at the High Line can check out Remote Nation, a new work by Kevin Cooley installed in 245 10th Avenue. Beginning every night at 6:00 PM, the building’s windows are filled with a mesmerizing pulse of electric light that suggests residents are at home watching television. In fact, the building is not occupied. Prudential Douglas Elliman, which is in the process of selling the building’s residential units, commissioned Cooley to install 100 analog television sets throughout the building and link them to the same channel – a video stream of what Cooley’s father is watching at home in Colorado. As his father surfs the tube on the other side of the country, the subtle shift in color and light is viewable from the High Line. Remote Nation will remain on view until Saturday, October 29.

Watch a video to get a preview before your visit to the park.


Designer, painter, and sculptor KAWS is known for his iconic characters that appear as the subjects of paintings, vinyl toys, and larger-than-life sculptures. His sculpture, Companion (Passing Through) recently found a new home on the plaza outside The Standard, New York. The towering character seems to be either hiding in shyness or inviting you to play hide-and-go-seek. Companion (Passing Through) will remain on view through October. It is viewable from the High Line at West 13th Street.

Watch a video to get a time lapse peek at its assembly and installation.

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