Urbanized Now Playing at the IFC Center

Designers, architects, engineers, and planning nerds like us will appreciate A.O. Scott’s review of Gary Hustwit’s new film, Urbanized in today’s New York Times.

“Like a really good class taught by a team of enthusiastic professors, Urbanized supplies grist for many late-night arguments or solitary ruminations. It is worth venturing out of your room, climbing on your bike or boarding a low-emissions bus and fighting your way through a crowd to see.”

EnlargeUrbanized poster.

We couldn’t agree more. The film sets out to answer broad questions about how cities are shaped and how design impacts the way we live, work, and play in urban environments. There is striking footage from cities around the world, and interviews with notables who have taken part in shaping their respective locales, including designers, politicians, planners, and activists like Joshua David and Robert Hammond, who founded Friends of the High Line in 1999 to save the High Line from demolition and later worked with the Bloomberg administration to transform the historic freight rail structure into a public park.

This is the third film in Gary’s design trilogy. His previous two films are Helvetica, about typography the omnipresence of the infamous font, and Objectified, which takes a look at the way the products are created and used by humans.

Indulge your inner urban planning geek and check out one of the screenings this weekend at the IFC Center. To learn more, visit the film’s Web site, read the Times’ review, or check out the Q&A with Gary on Curbed.

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