Photography: When Night Falls on the High Line

joan garvin

With more than 1,500 contributors, the High Line Flickr Pool gathers some of the best photographs of the park. The images are displayed in a rotating gallery on our Web site, giving High Line fans from afar, or those stuck in the office, a great way to keep track of park life. On the blog, we like to recognize the talented photographers who share their unique perspectives of the park.

When the sun sets the High Line and surrounding cityscape take on a different personality. The planting beds and architectural features are gently illuminated by the subtle lighting design by L’Observatoire International, and city buildings and street-level traffic flicker in the distance. The setting is perfect for a pre-dinner evening stroll or capturing some amazing nighttime photos.

Here are some of our new and old favorites from the High Line Flickr Pool.

Lush green foliage offers a contrast to the busy city traffic below the High Line. Photo by David Wilkinson.


The setting sun glows against the IAC building designed by Frank Gehry, and residential buildings designed by Jean Nouvel, Annabelle Selldorf Architects, and Shigeru Ban. Photo by John Locke Lee.


A crescent moon hangs in the distance as visitors enjoy a summer evening on the High Line under The Standard, New York. Photo by Judy Mann.


Subtle lighting design by L’Observatoire International creates the perfect setting for an evening stroll. Photo by Carolina Torres.


Two beacons in the night sky: the Empire State Building, as seen from West 21st Street on the High Line, and the illuminated frame of the 26th Street Viewing Spur, as seen from street-level. (Left to Right) Photo by Graham Vandegriend. Photo by Tim Schenck.


Traffic passes the southern terminus of the High Line, at the intersection of Gansevoort and Washington Streets. Photo by Marcin Wichary.


Where the freight trains once traveled, vehicle tail lights now trail into the night. A shot of 10th Avenue from the 10th Avenue Square on the High Line. Photo by Oliver Rich.


A visitor exits at West 14th Street. Photo by Dan Nguyen.


Billboards and buildings light up the night sky at the northern end of the High Line, as seen here at West 29th Street. Photo by Mike Tschappat.


On the High Line near The Standard, New York, the Grace smokebush are silhouetted against the sky, as the sun sets over the Hudson River. Photo by Graham Doig.


(Left to Right) The 26th Street Viewing Spur frames two visitors against a stunning sunset. Photo by Tim Schenck. Nighttime offers a different way to experience the park’s unique landscape, as seen here on the High Line at West 18th Street. Photo by Yoon Kim.


Bright city lights in the distance contrast with the gentle illumination of L’Observatoire International’s lighting design for the High Line. Here the flowers of Salvia pratensis ‘Pink Delight,’ commonly known as meadow sage, add unexpected color to the evening landscape. Photo by David Wilkinson.


Looking east from the High Line at West 24th Street. Photo by Julia Rowe.


Something to look forward to in the summer of 2012: more drinks and snacks on The Porch, an open air café on the High Line at West 15th Street. Photo by Dan Nguyen.


Nighttime offers photographers the opportunity to capture viewpoints of the park’s plants in a new way. Photo by Amy Dreher.


Silent films and art videos presented on HIGH LINE CHANNEL light up the park every night, and give visitors a reason to pause during their evening walks. Photo by Austin Kennedy.


The grass turf on 23rd Street Lawn recovers after a busy day. Photo by Melinda McLellan.


Liliana Araujo performs during ¡Arriba!, a series of salsa dancing under the stars on the High Line in 2011. Photo by Liz Ligon.


The setting sun peeks through the foliage and reflects off the rails on the High Line near Gansevoort Street. Photo by Graham Doig.


A chilly winter night on the High Line, looking north from the 10th Avenue Square. Photo by Karen Blumberg.


Visitors dropped in during Stargazing on the High Line, a weekly series of evening sessions with the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York. Photo by Yoon Kim.


The Falcone Flyover offers the unique opportunity to walk through a forest at canopy-level, an experience made more magical at night, as seen here from West 26th Street. Photo by Dan Nguyen.


The Chelsea Market Passage glows in the evening hours. (Left to Right) Photos by Joan Garvin and Kevin Farley.


A couple steps out for a summer walk. Photo by Joan Garvin.


The sun may have set, but visitors still convene on the Diller - von Furstenberg Sundeck to enjoy views of the Hudson River. Photo by Ludovic Bertron.


(Left to Right) The pathways and architectural features of the High Line are illuminated through the fog. Photo by Eli Schilowitz. A silhouette of the High Line at sunset. Photo by Ryan Murphy.


With a busy 2012 season and the transformation of the final section of the High Line at the rail yards ahead of us, there will be many more magical evenings to enjoy on the High Line. Photo by Jon Shireman.


See more photos from our Flickr contributors or upload your own in the High Line Flickr Pool.

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