Lipstick Kisses on the High Line

Celluloid Strip

Happy Valentine’s Day from Friends of the High Line!

In honor of the romantic holiday, here’s a celluloid strip of lipstick kisses from Jennifer West’s silent film currently looping on HIGH LINE CHANNEL.


Jennifer is an experimental filmmaker who works with “direct films,” or films realized without the use of a camera. She creates her films by manipulating the celluloid film strip through physical actions and processes. Her film titles bear the memory of the production process; the current film looping on HIGH LINE CHANNEL is called:

Rainbow Party on 70MM Film (70MM film leader kissed with lipstick & impressed with teeth marks by Jwest and her former students: Mariah Csepanyi, Maggie Romano & Roxana Eslemiah).


The film begins looping on HIGH LINE CHANNEL when the sun sets, at around 5:30 PM in New York City. Before heading out to dinner tonight, stop by the High Line at West 22nd Street to check out Jennifer West’s silent film playing on HIGH LINE CHANNEL.

You can view a short preview of the video below. Learn more about Jennifer West's Selected Recent Works now on view on HIGH LINE CHANNEL and download a schedule of screenings.

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