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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Spring Cutback Update: Week 2

An aerial photo of our staff and volunteers hard at work between West 18th Street and West 20th Street. Photo by Rick Darke

We have just completed our second week of High Line Spring Cutback.

Spring Cutback is an intense six week-long process in which we cut back the High Line’s wild grasses, perennials, and shrubs to make way for new spring growth. It’s our biggest horticultural task of the year and High Line Gardeners couldn’t do it without the help of a dedicated group of volunteers. Stop by the park and see the transformation underway as spring bulbs and new green growth pop up, and follow us after the jump for an update on this week’s work.

EnlargeHigh Line Talk

This week our staff and volunteers worked their way through the Chelsea Grasslands, the area on the High Line between West 18th Street to West 20st Street. Stop by the High Line and you’ll notice that the tall grasses have been cut back to reveal the rail tracks that aren’t often visible and new spring growth.

They also began work on the new section of the park. Since is the first time we’re cutting back here, our staff and volunteers worked cautiously to protect the many trees and new spring bulbs that you’ll find between West 20th to West 21st Streets.

We would like to extend a special thanks to UNIQLO, which recently opened a flagship store in Midtown and moved to our neighborhood in new corporate offices above the High Line at West 14th Street. UNIQLO is a supporter of High Line Spring Cutback, and on Tuesday a large group of the company’s employees joined us in the planting beds to lend a hand. Thank you to the UNIQLO team for their help!

All this work means that our tools are in need of a new sharpening. It’s a rainy day in New York City, so today High Line Gardeners are spending time sharpening shears, scissors, and pruners to get ready for next week.

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