Six Weeks of Hard Work Culminates in Earth Day Celebration on the High Line

(Left) Neighborhood kids helped create a community mural during Earth Day in the Sky activities. (Right) Alison Knowles’ Make a Salad invited the audience to take part in the performance by sharing a meal of fresh spring greens. Photos by Liz Ligon.

On Sunday, April 22, we hosted the High Line’s first-ever Earth Day celebration to mark the end of Spring Cutback, our biggest horticultural task of the year, and the beginning of a busy spring season.

View photos from the day after the jump.

The day began with Make a Salad a participatory HIGH LINE ART PERFORMANCE by Alison Knowles, pictured at center. In the morning, Alison and her team of volunteers chopped greens and vegetables to prepare for the creation of a larger-than-life salad. Photo by Liz Ligon.
In addition to the selection of locally-sourced greens, the salad featured radishes, carrots, mushrooms, and onions, which were all chopped on-site by Alison and her volunteers. Photo by Liz Ligon.
While ingredients were being prepared for the salad, musician Joshua Selman performed and handed out gifts to the crowd. Photo by Liz Ligon.
At 11:00 AM, while Make a Salad preparations were still underway, we hosted a volunteer recognition ceremony to celebrate the contributions of our dedicated volunteers who helped complete Spring Cutback. Here, High Line Gardener Maeve Turner says a few words of thanks to the volunteers that worked side-by-side with her during the past six weeks, trimming back dried plant material to make way for spring growth. Photo by Liz Ligon.
A few of the friendly faces of our Spring Cutback volunteers. Photo by Liz Ligon.
The High Line Green Corps stopped by to participate in the recognition ceremony and help with activities during Earth Day. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Some of our Spring Cutback volunteers posed with our horticultural staff and the Green Corps. Photo by Liz Ligon.
At noon, Alison Knowles and her team began to create the larger-than-life salad, starting by mixing all the chopped salad greens. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Each ingredient was added one at a time, with help from the audience. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Alison mixed the ingredients together with the dressing to create a giant delicious salad. Photo by Liz Ligon.
The performance culminated in a communal meal. Everyone in the audience was invited to partake in the finished salad. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Visitors enjoy the salad. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Throughout the day, our returning food partner Blue Bottle Coffee served hot drinks and housemade pastries. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Blue Bottle is known for their single-origin made-to-order drip coffees. Photo by Liz Ligon.
In the afternoon, Earth Day in the Sky featured kids activities including live music by On the Lam Brass Band (left) and a community mural (right). Photo by Liz Ligon.
Kids were able to make their own mark on our High Line-inspired mural. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Earth Day in the Sky also featured face painting and seed ball making. Photo by Liz Ligon.
Using a mix of wildflower seeds, clay, and soil, kids were able to create seed balls that they could take home. Soon their gardens will be sprouting beautiful wildflowers, just like the High Line. Photo by Liz Ligon.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Spring Cutback and Earth Day a success. Stay tuned to our e-news and our Event Calendar for more exciting spring and summer programs to come.

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