Carson is Now on Twitter


Hey there. I’m Carson. You may have seen me recently on the High Line. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve see up here, so I’ve decided to start tweeting about it. Follow @HighLineArtnyc on Twitter to get the latest, or click through the jump to learn more about me.

I arrived at the High Line about four months ago. Since then, I’ve been called “the least threatening gentrifier ever to set foot in the Meatpacking District.” I guess that’s fair; I’m just over a foot tall, after all.

I was created by Japanese artist Tomoaki Suzuki as part of High Line Art’s first group exhibition, Lilliput, which features miniature sculptures like me installed in unusual and unexpected places to create an art treasure hunt at the park. You can find the others hidden in the planting beds, but I’m standing tall on the pathway near West 14th Street.

Lilliput takes its title from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, evoking a magical world populated by fairy tale creatures, mysterious idols, and dreamlike landscapes. I suppose you could call me a “mysterious idol,” but I am actually based off a real person, a singer-songwriter named Carson living in the east end of London.

Come visit me at the park, and tweet your photos using the hashtag #LoveCarson. Just remember, I’d really prefer that you not touch me; it messes with my outfit.


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