Diane Von Furstenberg Designs Exclusive Collection for the High Line

Recently some of our staff – including Horticulture Foreman Johnny Linville and Administrative Assistant Shannon Scott, pictured above – took the new DVF High Line merchandise for a test run. Photo by Liz Ligon

We are thrilled to debut a new collection of limited-edition apparel and products Diane von Furstenberg, a long-time supporter of Friends of the High Line.

The exclusive collection features soft cotton T-shirts, notebooks, magnets, a printed scarf, a sunhat, and a canvas tote bag emblazoned with colorful illustrations and the phrase “Dreams Come True on the High Line.” These special products capture the creative energy and spirit behind making the once so-called “impossible dream” of the High Line come true, something that would not have been possible without the visionary support of Diane and her family.

We were so excited about the collection’s debut that we recently took some of the items for a test run on the High Line. Follow us after the jump to see more photos from the shoot.

(Left) Wrapped in DVF’s High Line Scarf, High Line Community Engagement Manager Erycka Montoya Pérez gazes at the cityscape near the southern end of the High Line. (Right) High Line Office Manager AV Goodsell escaped the confines of the office to take part in the photo shoot. Always organized, AV is excited to use DVF’s High Line Tote to carry her items to and from work. Photos by Liz Ligon
The exclusive collection includes DVF’s High Line Notebook Set, the perfect items to accessorize your look. Photo by Liz Ligon
When you see High Line Custodian Judith Simon on the High Line, she is always busy at work, tidying up the park’s pathways and answering questions from visitors. Here she takes a much-needed break. Wearing DVF’s High Line T-shirt and her signature headphones, Judith is caught in the moment, singing and dancing to her favorite tunes. (RIGHT) High Line Gardeners Andi Pettis and Maeve Turner show off DVF’s High Line T-shirt, DVF’s High Line Sunhat, and DVF’s High Line Notebook Set while lounging on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck. Photos by Liz Ligon
High Line staff members Shannon Scott, Johnny Linville, and AV Goodsell show off DVF’s High Line Scarf, High Line T-shirt, High Line Tote Bag, and High Line Notebook Set. Photo by Liz Ligon
Wearing DVF’s High Line Sunhat, T-shirt, and her trademark smile, Judith takes in the views of the Hudson River. Photo by Liz Ligon
High Line Art Communications Manager Ashley Tickle, wearing DVF’s High Line T-shirt, and High Line Community Engagement Manager Erycka Montoya Pérez, wearing DVF’s High Line Scarf take advantage of the late afternoon light on the High Line to snap some photos. Photo by Liz Ligon
(LEFT) High Line Horticulture Foreman Johnny Linville kicks back and takes in the views while wearing DVF’s High Line T-shirt and his hip sunglasses. (RIGHT) High Line Gardener Andi Pettis finds DVF’s High Line Tote to be the perfect size for shopping at the farmer’s market. Photos by Liz Ligon

We are grateful to Diane von Furstenberg and her team for their ongoing support of the High Line. One hundred percent of the proceeds from merchandise sales support the ongoing maintenance and operations of the High Line. That means with every purchase, you are helping us keep the park clean, beautiful, and welcoming all year long.

Pick up your own High Line-inspired merchandise from Diane von Furstenberg. The collection is now available exclusively from the High Line Web Shop and the High Line Merchandise Cart, which is open on the High Line Wednesday through Sunday between 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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