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Last month we introduced you to Erycka Montoya Perez, our new Community Engagement Manager at Friends of the High Line. One of our favorite local newspapers, Chelsea Now, recently spoke with Erycka about her experience thus far and her plans for the High Line.

Follow us after the jump to read the article, watch a short video, and see photos from recent community engagement activities.

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In her new role, Erycka is working to further establish the lines of communication between the High Line and its most immediate neighbors. The conversation started last year, when support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation enabled us to hire and train six local teens to survey more than 800 people living in the Elliott-Chelsea and Robert Fulton Houses, two nearby public housing complexes run by the New York City Housing Authority.

Darren Walker, one of our Board members, spoke about the importance of our community engagement efforts during our annual benefit in May. “New York City is a most fortunate place because we have a legacy of public housing in this city that is unlike anywhere else. The reason it matters to the High Line is that these are our neighbors. They are integral and central to our mission.”

WATCH A VIDEO to hear more about the High Line's community engagement from Darren Walker.

Now, with the support of AT&T, we are continuing our community engagement work, with the goal of expanding communications to the public housing complexes and increasing local participation in public programs. Pictured below are photographs from the fun kids activities we organized during the Resident Family Days at the Elliott-Chelsea and Fulton Houses in August. Through community-based activities like this one, we are building on the tradition of open dialogue between our organization and the communities we serve.

Backyard ParkIn August, we hosted arts projects, face painting, and other fun kid activities for Resident Association Family Days at the Elliott-Chelsea and Robert Fulton Houses, the New York City Housing Authority public housing complexes near to the High Line. Photo by Liz Ligon
Luz and BrianTo coordinate a full day of fun festivities, Erycka (left) enlisted the help of volunteers and members of our High Line Youth Staff, including Luz Delma Adon (middle) and Brian Bass (right). Presented by AT&T, the High Line Youth Staff is a team of neighborhood teens employed by Friends of the High Line. The teens provide invaluable support to all levels of our organization. Photo by Liz Ligon
SpidermanHahillah Ahmed, a member of our High Line Youth Staff, spent the afternoon face painting butterflies, flowers, and special superhero designs on the kids. Photo by Liz Ligon
ButterflyFamily day activities wouldn’t be complete without tasty treats. Working with La Newyorkina, one of our food vendors on the High Line, we brought icy paletas in mango and other tropical-flavors for kids and their families to try out. Photo by Liz Ligon
Arts ActivitiesLiza Rosado, another member of the High Line Youth Staff, helped kids make miniature wildflower garden pots inspired by the High Line. Photo by Liz Ligon
Workyard KitJillian Bautista, a member of the High Line Youth Staff (left), helps one young neighbor build a creation with the Children’s Workyard Kit, an interactive kit of play materials inspired by the High Line’s industrial history. Designed by Cas Holman for Friends of the High Line, the kit includes kid-friendly beams, bolts, ropes, gears, and other tools for kids to create their own vehicles, creatures, and forts. Photo by Liz Ligon
More Workyard KitThe photo on the left features one young neighbor showing off a horse she’s created with the Workyard Kit’s kid-friendly gears, ropes, and beams. On the right, another young neighbor rides her go cart. Photo by Liz Ligon
EryckaErycka (left) helps young neighbors paint a mural of the High Line during one of the Resident Family Days. Though our community-based activities like this one, as well as our education programming at the park itself, we are building local stewardship among the High Line’s youngest neighbors. Photo by Liz Ligon

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Support for Community Engagement at Friends of the High Line is provided by the Nathan Cummings Foundation. AT&T is the lead corporate sponsor.

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