Billboard Chronicles: Bringing Sexy Back to Chelsea

This is the last week to check out the advertising billboard for John Masters Organics, next to the High Line at West 20th Street.

If you’ve recently walked the High Line, you’ve probably come face-to-face with an advertisement for John Masters Organics, featuring a beautiful, 100-foot-tall man, with enviable washboard abs and a come-hither gaze to warm the soul.

Follow us after the jump for more on the latest in the High Line’s billboard saga.

Long-time readers of the High Line Blog may remember our organization’s affection for sultry billboards along the High Line. First David Beckham flaunted his figure while removing his pants. Armani Exchange spiced things up with a string of billboards featuring sun-chasing tempters and temptresses in their skivvies.

Then Hustler raised a few eyebrows with come-hither gazes at park passers-by, and we were afraid the glory days were over.


But here we are with this new billboard, featuring the charming face of local artist and friend of the High Line, Wade Schaming, who approaches this new found exposure with modesty and good humor.

“As an artist I constantly use the image of myself in my own work. Because of this I am accustomed to seeing my body used as a medium in suggestive and sexually provocative scenarios. However, seeing the 45 foot image of myself in the John Masters Organics campaign — towering over the popular High Line park — was quite overwhelming!” Wade admits. “The response has been humbling and I am very grateful for having had this rare opportunity.”

Wade’s glorious abs will be on view for only a few more days — stop by soon to get your fix!

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