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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Photo of the Week: Winter Wildlife

A Northern Mockingbird discovers delicious berries on the High Line’s winter landscape. Photo by Matt MacGillivray

High Line Flickr Pool contributor Matt MacGillivray captured this stunning photo of a Northern Mockingbird feeding on the vibrant red berries of Red Sprite winterberry holly, Ilex verticillata ‘Red Sprite.’ An enthusiastic bird photographer, Matt was thrilled to spot Mockingbirds during his visit to the High Line earlier this month.

Winterberry holly is just one of many plants in the High Line’s winter landscape that offers a food source for overwintering birds. Other evergreen fruit-bearing plants like Dan Fenton American holly, Ilex opaca ‘Dan Fenton,’ and Emerald Sentinel eastern red cedar, Juniperus virgiana ‘Corcorcor,’ attract birds during the colder months of the year when omnivorous species like Northern Mockingbirds do not have insects to eat. You’ll also find birds scavenging for seeds off of the dried stalks and seed heads of many of the park’s grasses.

Read more about some of the most common birds found at the High Line.

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