Construction Update: High Line at the Rail Yards

A view inside the construction tent at West 30th Street, where crews are finishing the sandblasting and repainting of the High Line's steel structure. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Construction crews have finished sandblasting and painting the High Line at the Rail Yards.

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An aerial view at West 30th Street. The High Line at the Rail Yards is the third and final section of the elevated railway. This section remains closed to the public while crews work to transform it into an extension of the park. Visitors can view the construction activity by standing at the metal fence at West 30th Street, separating the park's northern terminus from the job site. Photo by Timothy Schenck

View looking north, at West 30th Street. Over the past six weeks, workers have been busily cleaning and repainting sections of railing and the underside of the High Line's steel structure. The work takes place within grey tents encasing portions of the elevated railway. As part of this process, the High Line's steel beams, girders, and columns are cleaned with high-powered sandblasting equipment, and then repainted the iconic High Line Greenblack color. Photo by Timothy Schenck

A detailed look at a finished section of the High Line's steel framework. Photo by Timothy Schenck
View looking east, at West 30th Street and 11th Avenue. Once the work is complete, the tent is dismantled, and reinstalled to the west, so that the process can begin again. Photo by Timothy Schenck
Over the next few months, the construction team will be removing all of the ballast and debris, and stockpiling the rail tracks from the topside of the High Line. This clean-up prepares the site for landscape construction to begin later this spring. Photo by Timothy Schenck
An aerial view at West 30th Street. When the site opens to the public in 2014, this area will feature the Rail Track Walk, a gravel pathway that reuses the High Line's original rail tracks and is bordered by naturalistic plantings. VIEW RENDERINGS Photo by Timothy Schenck

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