Photo of the Week: Signs of Spring

High Line Spring Cutback is in full swing and new spring bulbs are popping up daily. Photo by David Wilkinson

High Line Photographer David Wilkinson captured the bright emerging blooms of the woodland crocus, Crocus tomasinianus, popping up from under the stone mulch earlier this week. The weather took a wintery turn today, but when the light blanket of snow melts, the crocuses will jump back up as strong as ever.

In the coming weeks as High Line Gardeners and volunteers trim back dry grasses and clear leaf litter from the park’s planting beds during Spring Cutback, new spring bulbs – like the woodland crocus – and fresh green shoots of cool season grasses will appear throughout the park. Spring is a transformative time at the High Line with something new to see with each visit.

Learn more about current blooms.

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