Meet the Staff: Jennette Mullaney, Digital Communications Manager

We are pleased to introduce you to Jennette Mullaney – social media guru, literary buff, art enthusiast, cat lover, and the latest addition to our staff at Friends of the High Line. As the new Digital Communications Manager, Jennette is working to share the High Line story and engage the park’s fans around the world on our social media channels.

We asked Jennette to answer a few questions about herself and her plans for the High Line.

The Digital Communications Manager position is a new role at Friends of the High line. What are some of your plans?
I’m excited to contribute to and expand our social media efforts. The High Line has a fascinating story to tell, and I’m eager to share it on Twitter and Facebook. And there’s always something beautiful, touching, or funny to capture for Instagram or Flickr. I’ve been struck by the enthusiasm and creativity that surrounds the High Line, and engaging with its communities is a lot of fun. I want to be sure that we continue to inspire our members, neighbors, and fans around the world, and that people feel their voices are being heard.

My background is in the arts, so I’m also looking forward to helping out with High Line Art’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The installations are magnificent, and I’d like to help spread awareness of our art program, as well as all of the High Line’s other public programs.

Where did you work before coming to the High Line?
I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for four years, doing email marketing and social media. I also worked briefly as the Social Media Manager for the limited-edition art print site 20x200.

Which institutions or individuals do you think do an incredible job on social media?
If one of the cornerstones of social media is allowing an online community greater access to their favorite institutions, I think the Guggenheim’s live Twitter Q&As offer a great example. A live Q&A, in writing, that will ostensibly live on the Internet forever, is refreshingly transparent.

Many organizations have made an effort to create excellent social media programs. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but this list has a lot of fantastic members. And I generally have to restrain myself from retweeting everything by Maria Popova.

Name your favorite Internet meme.
I’m a proud member of the Cat Lady Mafia on Twitter, and I adore any cat-related meme. My current obsession is KittyBoats, but it’s my husband’s Tumblr, so I’m biased.

How long have you lived in New York?
I moved to Brooklyn from Boston in 2008, but my heart was always in NYC. I grew up on Long Island, and have been visiting the city and enjoying its cultural landmarks since I was a child. I think my parents were a little wary of bringing small children to Chelsea in the 1980s, so I have to rely on photographs and the vivid descriptions from residents to imagine the High Line at that time.

What drew you to the High Line?
The story behind the High Line is incredibly inspiring. Although what first drew me to it was simple convenience – I was meeting friends and thought the High Line would provide a quick and lovely way to get there. It was indeed lovely, but I was so stunned by the beauty and vitality surrounding me that I couldn’t help but stop and take it all in. I was still in the city, but in a higher, gorgeously designed plane. Apologies to my friends for being late!

The transformation of the High Line from an out-of-use freight rail line into a public park is an inspiring tale that reminds us that anything is possible. Tell us one of your dreams for the High Line.
I want to harness the power of our community to spread the word about the High Line. Not just to encourage people to visit and support, but to inspire them to tackle goals of their own that seem too difficult to achieve. If you know of areas calling out for transformation – be they physical or psychic – I hope the High Line’s story emboldens you to take the next steps to make a difference.

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