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Faces Behind the Food: Amanda Meister of Sigmund’s Pretzels

“Growing up, unlike most families who plan the day around attractions in the area, mine planned the day around where we were going to eat,” says Amanda Meister of Sigmund’s Pretzels.

Whether she’s discussing what makes the best pretzel or how to build the best boat, Amanda Meister, manager of Sigmund’s Pretzels, brings a sense of joy to her work. Meet Amanda in our second installment of Faces Behind the Food. For hours and locations of all of our vendors, see High Line Food.

Tell us about yourself and your passion for food and drink, including any fun or unusual facts that we might not know. (Any secret talents, perhaps?)


I stumbled upon Sigmund’s Pretzels a year ago at a local beer festival where I tasted what was the most amazing pretzel of my life. A couple months later, I joined the company. I am a total foodie and couldn’t turn down the offer to work this great business. Growing up, unlike most families who plan the day around attractions in the area, mine planned the day around where we were going to eat. We penciled in other activities in-between meals. I love good food! I also have a love of sailing, which is why I like our location on the High Line that overlooks the river.

My secret talent? Building boats. I have built two boats, which you can find at Pier 40’s Village Community Boathouse. One is a functional pilot gig that I have taken out on the water around the Statue of Liberty, the other is an umiak!

What do you love about your location on the High Line?

There is always a steady breeze and I am reminded of my sailing and eating adventures. People come from all walks of life and I always get into really interesting conversations as I hand them their pretzels.

You interact with hundreds of customers each day. Share your favorite memory with us.

I remember a father who bought one of our Über [large] pretzels for his young daughter. It was priceless watching her smile after taking the first bite. She finished the entire pretzel on her own! We create unique flavors such as Truffle Cheddar and Garlic Parsley that visitors love. People discover that there is more than salt to put on a pretzel, although our salted pretzels are delicious too!

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