Meet the Staff: Liza Rosado and Javier Montero


If you have been on the High Line in the past few weeks, you might have noticed a lot of changes: the park feels lush and green again, the Chelsea Market passage is buzzing with visitors, and we have some new faces among our dedicated staff.

We want to take this moment to introduce two new staff members, Liza Rosado and Javier Montero. Liza has joined the Merchandise team as a Sales Associate, selling wonderful High Line gear that directly supports our operation. And Javier has joined our visitor services team as a High Line Ranger. While these are new roles for both of them, Liza and Javier have been part of the High Line family for more than a year now.

They first came on board as members of Green Corps—a green jobs and horticulture training program for teens—in March of 2012. A few months later, Javier joined the Summer Youth Corps, a program—run in partnership with the Hudson Guild’s Power Up program—in which three teens assist with our High Line Kids programming and park operations during the summer season.


You might also recognize Liza and Javier from our August 2012 Teen Film Series, when they were part of the Teen Film Committee that curated, produced, and presented a series of three films on the High Line. The Teen Film Committee has now evolved into our Teen Arts Council, and Liza continues to be a part of that program while juggling her new role as a Sales Associate.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about Liza and Javier and their experiences at the High Line, so we sat down for a few minutes. Here’s what they had to say:

What are your favorite memories from your time working on the High Line?

Javier Montero: It’s hard for me to pick. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Green Corps, Youth Corps and the Teen Film Committee. All of them were fun learning experiences.

Liza Rosado: My most memorable moment on the High Line was the first teen movie night last summer. I was really excited about everyone coming to watch a movie and making an enjoyable event for everyone—especially teens.

How does it feel to be a Staff member, as opposed to a Teen Staff member?

JM: Not much difference. I still feel like I get the same treatment as I did when I was a Teen Staff member.

LR: It makes me feel amazing and honored because I not only have grown in this organization, I also have grown as a person. And I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn so many different things, and to also be a role model to other teens and show them that they can do it, and that are many opportunities out there.


How is the experience different?

JM: I'm doing something different from what I was used to doing in the summer of 2012. I never worked with or as a Ranger of the High Line before, and now that I have gotten the chance it's really exciting. It's literally a “walk in the park.”

LR: It’s different because the job is different. Yet similar, in a way, because I am educating people every day about the history of the park and why it’s an amazing place.

Do you have a favorite NYC hangout? (Outside of the High Line, of course.)

JM: I have a lot of favorite places to hang out in New York. Top two would be Central Park and Union Square. Two very different places. Central Park is quiet (the place where I go) and Union Square is so busy but there’s always something going on over there.

LR: Times Square! There’s always so much to do . . . including shopping.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

LR: Spending tons of money on bags and shoes and clothing, but it makes me happy.

Is there anything you're really looking forward to?

JM: Looking forward to getting onto the third section of the High Line. Get a preview of what it looks before it's actually finished.

LR: I want to continue learning about my new position and getting better at it while continuing to work with teens in the future. Selling my first membership on the line was challenging but I am getting more comfortable with it. I’m looking forward to that moment where it feels natural.


You two know the area well. Favorite eateries?

JM: I like BBQs, Red Lobster, sandwiches, paninis, etc. from a place called Guy & Gallard. You know I can go on forever—I'm a food lover.

LR: The food at home never disappoints, but if I must pick, it’s Hale and Hearty. I love their soup.

Favorite TV show?

JM: I guess The Walking Dead. Don't really watch television that much.

LR: Cake Boss. I love to bake!

You're stranded on an island. What are your three must-haves?

JM: An unlimited supply of food, someone who can cook, and talking animals.

LR: Family, food, and music.

Chocolate or vanilla?

JM: Vanilla all day, every day.

LR: Strawberry rocks!

Favorite food from our food vendors on the High Line?

JM: The Taco Truck all day, every day.

LR: SmokeLine! Their sandwiches are so delicious and mouthwatering.

Favorite place on the High Line?

JM: [The 23rd Street] Lawn all day, every day.

LR: The sun deck. I love the water feature at night. It’s so pretty and relaxing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Javier and Liza. Make sure to say hello to them on your next visit!

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