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Partial re-opening: Crews have cleared the High Line's paths, and the park is open to the public between 16th and 23rd Streets. We are working to open the remainder of the park as soon as possible, as crews clear snow and ice from the park's pathways. Please check back or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter for updates.

Photo of the Week: Evening Lights

Photo by Christine Wehrmeier On a beautiful – but no doubt chilly – winter night last year photographer Christine Wehrmeier captured the elegance of different light sources against the deep blue of the night sky.

The sun is setting early these days, making most of us want to curl up and hibernate, but rest assured that there are still great reasons to brave the elements and head outside. In addition to being a magical time to be out and about in New York City, the High Line offers its own seasonal after-dark light show, which can be especially impressive during the winter months when the vegetation is less abundant. In this image taken by photographer Christine Wehrmeier, the majesty of the Empire State Building is enhanced by its blue lights framed by the soft lights of the park's railings and planting beds in the lower half of the frame. The few illuminated windows in the neighboring building are storytelling elements as well.

SEE MORE of Christine's winter High Line photos.

Bundle up and stroll the High Line this month; our winter hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Plan your next visit.

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