Photo of the Week: New Plants on the High Line

Photo by Timothy SchenckOur newest High Line Billboard, Shelf Still Life by Jonas Wood, photographed by Timothy Schenck

High Line Photographer Timothy Schenck perfectly captured our latest High Line Billboard, Shelf Still Life by Jonas Wood in an aerial image, allowing us to see how this monumental work of art appears at a distance. The lofty viewpoint showcases the scale of the billboard in relation to the High Line, as well as how the work's bright colors interact with the muted shades of the winter landscape. Schenck has taken photographs of High Line Art's projects for years, and his documentation of the program's sculptures, billboards, and other works of art allows us to appreciate them in a whole new way.

Wood's billboard will be on view at West 18th Street and 10th Avenue through February 3, 2014. Known for his modernist paintings of private spaces, Wood utilizes dense pattern and injects personality into his inanimate subjects. Shelf Still Life brings a welcome splash of green to the sparse January landscape, as well as a glimpse of the plant life that will bloom again on the High Line in the warmer months.

View more of Tim Schenck’s beautiful photographs – and share your own – in the High Line Flickr Pool.

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